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Your COLONY VISIT ... What Will It Be Like?

There is more to a Colony Visit group tour than just being escorted by a step-on guide who shows you sights through windows of a coach.

Whether your group is large or small; whether you are on a chartered coach or in a car caravan; which ever package you've selected, Colony Visits Packages are an experience ... guests are stimulated and involved and come away with the feeling that the intriguing history of the Amanas or the area has come alive for them in a most entertaining way.

Whether your groups sight seeing tour is of Iowa's #1 Visitor Attraction, the Amana Colonies, or, an exciting Eastern Iowa attraction, Colony Visits' custom-planned sight seeing tous cater to the interests and needs of your group. After consulting with the group organizer, we design entertaining events and tours especially for your group. No two agendas are exactly alike.

What Are The Amana Colonies Like?

The 7 Amana Villages are laid out in the manner of German Dorfleins (villages) with farms at one end of the village and shops and factories at the other end, and homes in between. The Amana Villages form a circle with a circumference of about 20 miles ~ the distance between each village is 2 to 3 miles, or, as measured in the old days, two hours apart by ox cart. There's a lot of ground to cover and so much to see~

Colony Visits group hosts and guides have lived the traditions of this historic community and can introduce guests to the Amanas of today, and then help them step back in time to experience the communal Amana of yesterday.

What Is An Amana Colony Tour Like?

Tour excursionsts arrive at the Amana Colonies Visitors' Center, where all Colony Visits Sight Seeing Tours start from. After a brief orientation, refreshments, and time to browse in the Iowa Visitor Center's Iowa Shop and enjoy lobby attractions, your group is ready to embark on a special Colony Visit ... on an adventure to places off the beaten path!

How Long is An Amana Sight Seeing Tour?

With your schedule in mind, we can arrange any length tour, even one for a very tight schedule. However, Colony Visits Tours make many stops and take guests through attractions, so the more time you can allow, the better ... That means we can show you more! For instance, we prefer not to host tours of less than 2 hours ... and a 3,4 or 6 hour tour is better than a 2 hour tour, but, spending a day or several days in the Amanas is best of all!
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